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Our Mission

Why MCC Preschool is Different

Parents fall in love with MCC Preschool!  The teachers are loving and friendly to the children, greeting them each morning and welcoming them into their classrooms. The teachers get to know each child as an individual and their family.  Lots of conversations follow as everyone goes about their day.  Once a week, everyone goes to Chapel in the Worship Area where there is singing and movement, listening to a Bible Story, learning about God, and praying.  The class ends with group time with a story, song or activity they do together. 

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

We believe that children learn through play.  Our classrooms, playground and indoor large muscle room provides a variety of new experiences for the preschoolers to explore and discover.  The children are encouraged to ask questions, talk with their peers, be creative and laugh together!  The children also experience Biblical teaching and prayer in Chapel and through classroom conversation and modeling. 

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Enrichment programs and off-site activities help build our curriculum.  We trust that they will be more poised and innovative thinkers and will be able to use all these tools while they embark on their new educational journey.

Our Vision

We believe that, when exposed to a loving and caring Christian atmosphere, the social, academic and spiritual development of children will be enhanced.  Children develop lasting relationships with their teachers and peers.  A variety of new experiences every day will prepare them for the formalized learning that will be expected of them soon.

Drop-off & Pick UP

We also provide an easy Drop-off and Pick-up drive thru for your convenience.  MCC Preschool staff is involved making sure your child is safe entering and leaving the preschool.

“Our oldest is finishing his third year at MCC preschool, and our youngest is enrolled for next year. We love the teachers here because they clearly love what they do and nurture our kids so well. They communicate regularly and transparently with us about the lessons, and they set up creative, hands-on “centers” for the kids to apply what they learn. Weekly chapel time gives our kids meaningful exposure to biblical lessons and songs. Our son has grown so much here, in his social skills, confidence, and academics. Soon after starting back up in the fall, he asked if he could go to preschool every day. I can’t think of a better praise!”

Jennifer Hunter

“When looking at a preschool for our children, we were looking for a place that felt like an extension of our home. A happy and safe place where our children would be loved and supported. From the moment, I walked into MCCP I knew this was the place for us. Our oldest attended the young 5’s program and this was the best transition for him before Kindergarten. He confidence in writing, reading and building relationships flourished over the year and he was more than ready to head to K. Our youngest has attended 3 years of school at MCCP. Her enthusiasm for school, her teachers, and her friends are a direct result of the fun learning environment MCCP creates each day. The teachers and staff are kind, resourceful, and a 100% kid focused. They truly want their students to thrive.  And our children have done just that. We are incredibly grateful for our experience at MCCP.”

Emily Hudson

“Jill and I began our experience with MCCP 10 years ago.  At MCCP we found an environment that would foster healthy relationships for our children and reinforce the Christian values that were being taught at home.  The preschool has been a great environment for each of our 4 kids that have attended.  Chris Conner and her team have done a wonderful job with the curriculum.  They make sure that both the educational and spiritual activities focus on learning core skills but are also fun and encouraging!  Our youngest is currently enrolled and we love hearing the many positive experiences she has at school.” 

Recker Family